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Camile Fontaine

Kauai Artist

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Camile Fontaine is the sister of Amy-Lauren Lum Won, our Gallery owner. Amy-Lauren wanted to have a gallery for her sister's art from the time she was a young girl. They have since put together a beautiful collect that is unrivaled by any other gallery. If you wish to own a Camile Fontaine, then look no further. New pieces come in the gallery weekly, so check this page or our gallery Facebook.

Camile was born November 12, 1969 in Sarasota, FL. Her parents, modern impressionist James Hoyle and Equine Artist Shirley Bell were attending Ringling School of Art. Camile spent her early youth on Edisto Island, a Barrier Island close to Charleston, SC. In her late teens, she moved to Kauai to spend time with her father, James Hoyle. His use of color and his style of direct painting similar to pointilism inspired her early works.

After High School, Camile moved to Paia, Maui and began to develop her own style, which is best described as a mixture of impressionism and fauvism. She developed quite a following there, painting murals for local businesses and individuals and selling her paintings to private collectors. Since that time, she has lived the majority of the past 15 years in Hanalei on Kauai's North Shore. She has also lived and painted in Germany and Charleston, SC.

Camile enjoys painting local scenes such surfers at the beach, Hanalei town, little Hawaiian shacks, vibrant landscapes, and quirky still lifes. Camile only paints originals and does not offer giclees or reproductions. She is a self-described "colorful character" and can often be seen painting at the beach looking very avant-garde in her fabulous hats and dresses.

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